Dr. Matt Thelen

Who I am

I have lived in Colorado Springs since 2005 and I have never tired of gazing at Pikes Peak. I am amazed by how varied Pikes Peak appears depending on your perspective, season, time of day, and weather. To train for mountain bike and running races I have traversed thousands of miles up, down, and around Pikes Peak. I believe that athletic and artistic interests are integral to optimal mental health. My artistic interests are woodworking and quilting.

I contribute to our community by volunteering on the board of directors for the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (www.pikespeaksuicideprevention.org). I am interested in preventing suicide. Specifically, I am interested in deconstructing cultural attitudes that are permissive towards suicide.

Who I work with

I believe that effective therapy requires teamwork. I would like to be on your team to help you achieve the solutions and change that you desire. I work with adults and teens. I value all dimensions of human diversity and I am an ally to the LGBTQI+ community. I grew up in a small town so I enjoy working with individuals from rural communities.





Bachelor of Arts: Augustana University major in psychology and minor in history.

Masters of Arts: University of the Rockies major in clinical psychology.

Doctorate in Psychology: University of the Rockies, Psy.D. in clinical psychology.

Dr. Thelen is a licensed Psychologist in Colorado.